Descriptions of Courses

All Vaugel Sculpture Classes are offered by the week.  Students can enroll for one or more weeks.

A basic foundation in figure and portrait sculpture can best be attained in a continued 4 week course of study.
All classes are limited to 6 people maximum and are taught in English and French.

The “Vaugel Sculpture Method“uses stable data to create a grid structure showing important boney and anatomical landmarks, continuously expanding outward to create a basic geometric abstraction. From this point using clay figure modeling techniques the figure or portrait are completed.

The Portrait Sculpture From Live Model

Begins with a lecture on, and then the creation of a generic skull. Bony landmarks are fully observed and recreated and the geometric relationships between them highlighted. The generic skull is then turned into the skull of the model, and clay modeling techniques are taught to create the portrait

— Class Schedule 2019 — Summer July 15 to 19 • Autumn: October 14 to 18, and October 28 - November 1

Portrait Sculpting from PHOTOGRAPHS

Using the same information as the Portrait Sculpture Class, students are invited to bring photos ( specific instructions are included for the taking of the photos) and sculpt individual portraits of their choosing.

— Class Schedule 2019 — Summer July 15 to 19

The Standing Figure Clay Modeling Class

Teaches the basics of all figure work using the “Vaugel Sculpture Method” which combines traditional clay figure modeling techniques with the Vaugel method of using proportions as horizontals, gravity as verticals and energy lines as diagonals. These are used to create a grid like venue in which to effectively duplicate the figure in any size. Once the inner core is structured then clay figure modeling techniques are used to complete the figure.

— Class Schedule 2019 — Summer: July 29 to August 2 • Autumn: October 21 to 25

The Seated Figure Clay Modeling Class

Teaches Martine's method of anatomy and proportions. Then working with a geometric point system sculpting the seated figure, from the inside /out.

— Class Schedule 2019 — Summer: July 29 to August 2

The Reclining Figure Pose

Teaches Martine's method of anatomy and proportions. Then using a grid that involves height , width, and length, a grid is established upon which the reclining figure is sculpted

— Class Schedule 2019 — Summer: July 29 to August 2 • Autumn: October 14 to 18

Moving Figure Modeling Class *

An action or moving pose will be decided upon by the instructor and the students at the beginning of each class. The model does not stay in the pose at all times, but rather takes parts of the pose throughout the week. Each student creates a personal interpretation of the model based on internal and external choices.

* Information learned in the regular figure classes is fundamental to enrolment in this class. Students with experience in other forms of figure sculpture are also welcome, but beginners should consider taking one of the other figure courses before enrolling in this class.

— Class Schedule 2019 — Summer: August 5 to 9 • Autumn: October 21 to 25

For those students wishing to be prepared for any of Martine’s classes beforehand: We highly recommend purchasing either of the DVD’s (or USB sticks), teaching the Vaugel Sculpture Methods, “Sculpting the Portrait in Clay", or “Sculpting the Figure in Clay”.

Private, Semi Private, or “ ONLINE SKYPE “ Clasess, information is available upon request

  • Portrait Sculpture Class - students posing with their busts
  • Vaugel Sculpture Class Celebration
  • Figure Modeling Class - Students sculpting a lying figure
  • Portrait Class - Students at Work

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