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Awards Overview

—  Notes by the artist

"My life has been a magnificent journey. Some of the most memorable moments I attempt to share with you here."

Rodin Grand Prize Exhibitions

"My experiences in Japan, winning awards in 2 consecutive “Rodin Grand Prize Exhibitions” for my heroic sculptures of Mahatma Gandhi and Sylvester Stallone, definitely need special mention on these pages. To be honored by the awards and acceptance of the Shikanai, Fujisankai family, in such a refined cultural environment, mixed with the exceptional modernity of the Japanese culture, was a most ecstatic and humbling experience."

Salon des Artistes Francais

"Being accepted into the Society of French Artistes and standing in the Grand Palais in the same “Salon Des Artistes Francais “ that my heroes Rodin, Carpeau and so many others stood before me, winning awards and being placed at the entrance of the Grand Palais for 2 salons, will forever be among the greatest highlights of my life. The indescribable feeling of excitement, humility and pride all at once… the ecstasy was so overwhelming that I can continue to relive it deeply today without even trying."

Versaille Biennal D’arte Contemporaire

"Being recognized and honored in Versaille at the Biennal d’art Contemporaire, made the moment another truly life changing experience I relive with great gratitude and joy."