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Vaugel Portrait & Figure Sculpture Method on Video

As a teacher, Martine Vaugel has been the proud intructor of thousands of successful artists from across the globe.

"At thirteen I discovered my life as a sculptor, at twenty-six I began to give back to the world the gift of being able to create one's inner truth in the hopes of helping others to find theirs."

dvd_sculpting_figure_150The Vaugel Sculpture Method has been documented on video for those unable to obtain personal instruction. Produced by Hands-On Productions, Martine's methods are revealed much as if one were sitting in the classroom with her.

The method consists of seeing geometric relationships between fundamental points of the body and head to create a "grid-like model", incorporating proportions (as horizontals), gravity (as verticals), and power or energy lines (as diagonals). This is done from the front, two sides, and back views. This three-dimensional structure creates a dependable method to judge one's accuracy, without obscuring the creative excitement or potential of any aspiring artist.

Two videos are available, "Sculpting the Portrait in Clay" which focuses on sculpting the human head, and "Sculpting the Figure in Clay".

dvd_sculpting_portrait_150Vaugel begins with a lecture on the skull, planes, and boney landmarks that constitute the foundation of a portrait bust. She then demonstrates the clay techniques and geometric method used to go from this point to the finished product, a fully realized portrait likeness of your subject in clay. This is a How-to-Video for beginners, as well as advanced students on the art and craft of portrait sculpture. Included with the video is a laminated chart of the breakdown of the skull into front, side, and diagonal planes.

Running Length: 1 hr. 20 minutes
Price: $100.00 (US)/ea.
Shipping: $5.00

If you're interested in purchasing either or both of these videos, please Contact Martine