Teaching Experience

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amorous cello player
2003 Opens her study programs for serious sculptors in FRANCE
2001 Opened studio/gallery and school in Asheville, NC. - taught for a year in association with Ben Long and his painting school in Asheville, NC.
Demonstration for 400 graduate students at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia.
Scheduled to start a Sculpture Department for Georgia Tech University sometime in 2004 or 2005
1996 Taught in Vihiers and in Raleigh Durham, NC
1995 Vaugel Sculpture Studio - Opened Raleigh/Durham, NC
1990 Vaugel Sculpture Studio School - Expanded, Vihiers, France
1987 Vaugel Sculpture Studio School - Founded, New Rochelle, NY
1987 Sculpture Center, New York City - NY Portrait & Figure Modeling Instructor
1986 New York Acadamy of Art - Appointed Sculpture Dir., New York, NY
1985-76 Venice Painting, Drawing, Sculpture Studio, Inc. - Founded & Directed