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loire2_smThank you to all the students who made 2018 another great year. the Program was a great success.

Thank you... to all who participated...Yeah team!

Merci a tous pour les magnifique stages de 2018... a 2019 avec grande Plaisire!!!


A foundation in figure and portrait sculpture can be best attained in the course of a continued 4 weeks of study whenever possible.

email for more information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We are dedicated to the future by teaching the creative process through sculpture and empowering creative beings to fulfill their dreams and desires.

We also give students a chance to improve their French language skills, through immersion in French culture.

  • The Foundation Course and Advanced Course are 4 -6 weeks long.
  • The Foundation Course is broken into weekly study sessions
  • Students can also choose to sign up for a particular study session as well as for the 4 week foundation courses.
  • New students must take the Foundation Courses before the Advanced Course, or show work to qualify.
  • Priority is given to the full time enrollment students.
  • Classes are limited to 6 people maximum - 4 people minimum per week;
  • Tuition per week is 500e - 5 day week - 30 hour work week:
  • Housing= ( 250e ) per week private room, shared student housing; ( 150e ) per week, shared room - shared student housing;
  • French and students from other countries share shopping, kitchens, cooking and cars for evening entertainment.
  • private cottages also available (350e) per week

Foundation Course descriptions:

The 7 day Intensive Portrait Sculpture Clay Modeling Course begins with a lecture on, and then the creation of a generic skull. Bony landmarks are fully observed, recreated and the geometric relationships between them highlighted. The generic skull is then turned into the skull of the model. Clay modeling techniques are then used to create the specific portrait in clay. This technical class has been a great service to many portrait painters as well as sculptors. It teaches the information necessary for the creation of any good portrait sculpture, as well as teaching methods used "to see" and duplicate anything with certainty. Also a 5 day course. Please ask for more information.

The Standing Figure Clay Modeling Course teaches the ‘Vaugel Sculpture Method’ which combines traditional clay figure modeling techniques, with a method of “seeing”, (using proportions as horizontals, gravity as verticals and energy lines as diagonals). This system is then used to create a 3 dimensional grid to effectively duplicate the figure in any size.

Advanced Course descriptions:

The above Foundation Course techniques are expanded upon in the advanced course. Many other methods of seeing and duplicating the figure in the disciplines of seated, reclining, crouching, action and multiple figure sculptures are taught in a six week period. Students work either in the group or have the option of working on their own projects during this time. Students working as a group share the model fee’s for multiple figure poses. Students wishing to work on their own project pay for their private models. The instructor assists with technical information, critiques, and pays for the use of models in single figure class poses.

Martine's workshops have been held for the past 30 years in the Loire Valley, in the Maine and Loire province of France. Classes are held in a large skylit studio, which sits in the middle of an ancient village of about 100 inhabitants. Les Cerqueux Sous Passavant dates back to the 9th century. With lush, rolling hills of sunflowers and wheat, dotted by chateaux and small farms, the landscape has been made famous by many great painters.

During the summer months foreign artists who have purchased houses, and students, double the size of the town.

During the down time of class, after shopping for antiques and wine tasting, many students choose to go to the coast and either swim in the ocean or try their luck in the casinos, which is about 1 1/2 hours from the village.

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